About Us

Our History

Heartland Gymnastics opened in January 2002 as a facility for Preschool Gymnastics for students ages 15 months to 6 years. The facility was small (and so was the equipment!) and we soon began to outgrow our location. Plus, our children were getting older thus needing bigger equipment. After some thought, it was decided that Heartland Gymnastics must expand! So in January 2003 we moved to bigger location, but by May we decided we needed even more space!

In June of 2003 we chose to occupy the empty space next door to us as well and in doing so created a separate but shared space, so that we may have a preschool area and an area for students ages 6 and up.

In January of 2005 we finally found a building BIG enough to put all of our gymnastics equipment in!  10,000 square feet! We stayed in that location for 13 years! 

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