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Our tumbling classes offer the chance to learn and perfect skills on our large tumbling floor as well as our specially designed mats and our extra long tumble track (trampoline).  These classes are suitable for students at least 8 years old who simply want to tumble on the floor or for cheerleaders that need to keep up those tumbling skills!  Tumbling classes work on basic skills which are vital to the sport and needed in order to learn advanced skills.  Advanced skills are taught in progressions (stages) to ensure they are being learned correctly.  Each level is designed to focus on level-specific skills needed to progress properly.


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Last day of Summer – August 18
Fall/Spring 2023-24
September 4 – May 24
Closed: Oct 31, Nov 22-26, Dec 22-Jan 1, Mar 11-15, Mar 29-31


Beginning Tumbling

1 hour - $90 / month
Ages 8 and up - This class is the starting point for any kid looking to get into tumbling. This class teaches basic skills like: cartwheels, handstands, backward rolls (without assistance), round-offs, bridge kickovers, assisted back handsprings.


Intermediate Tumbling

1 hour - $90 / month
Ages 8 and up - Intermediate tumbling is for kids that have their backbend kickover. These classes work on skills such as round offs, back walkovers, back/front handsprings.


Advanced Tumbling

1 hour - $90 / month
Ages 8 and up - Advanced classes are for kids that have a solid back handspring. They focus on more advanced tumbling skills such as: standing back handsprings, back/front tucks, multiple back handspring passes.


Tramp & Tumbling

2 hours - $115 / month
Ages 8 and up - Learn to tumble on tumble trak, mini tramp, and double mini tramp

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